Shame-free, heart-centered money mentoring

Forget the cash envelopes, the restrictive budgets, and one-size-fits-all strategies.

It’s time to change your relationship to money, set up easy systems, and build the foundational skills for long-term success.

I know what it’s like to…

  • Feel like you often have “more month than money”.
  • Panic that you’ll never be able to retire.
  • Have unexpected expenses each month, so there’s hardly anything left over to save.
  • Feel stuck and afraid of the future. You want to take control of your financial situation, but having no idea where to begin.
  • Have others see you as successful and put-together in other areas of your life, but your finances are your dirty little secret that causes you endless shame and guilt.

Money Mentoring Can Help You:

Gain Clarity and Take Action

Viewing your financial landscape with total clarity can help you relieve the constant financial stress so that you can finally achieve your goals, plan for a comfortable future, and work toward having the freedom to live life on your own terms.

Boldly Achieve Your Desires

I’ll work with you to create a clear vision and reconnect the goals that set your soul on fire, and provide guidance on how to align your financial decisions with what truly matters to you.

Quiet Your Inner Critic

I’ll help you identify and subdue the hidden money beliefs and mindset blocks that may be holding you back from achieving financial success so that you can feel confident and competent in all aspects of managing your money.

Mentoring Options:

Clarity Session – $220

One time, 60-minute session

Get targeted solutions to specific financial challenges with a short, focused one-hour session. Perfect for those looking for quick answers and insights to get you started or unstuck in a specific area of your finances.

Mentoring – $150/Session

Four Sessions and Ongoing Mentoring

Gain clarity, confidence and control with in-depth 1:1 guidance and personalized support. Dive deep into the relationship you have with money. Designed for individuals seeking a holistic financial transformation.

On the fence?

Not sure if a Clarity Session is right for you?

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation here. No pressure, no obligations. Let’s make sure we’re a good fit.