Shame-free personal finance for everyone

Shame-free personal finance for everyone

Joyful and intentional money talks

Tailor-made money mentoring 

Personal finance education with a heart

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I paid off $20,881 of debt while working at a small nonprofit making $16 an hour, and discovered how to live a joyful and abundant life on a budget.

I can help you align your money with meaningful goals so you can bring more joy into your life.

A Podcast with Compassion


Tune in with Mimi Cirbusova, a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and shame-free money mentor, for heart-centered money talks. Mimi combines the basics of financial literacy they didn’t teach you in school with the deeper mindsets, emotions, and values guiding it all. This podcast for anyone that is tired of feeling queasy every time they look at their bank accounts, worries that a budget will lead to a boring life, and is tired of the typical financial “talking heads” that make you feel shame and guilt about the occasional latte.

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