We’re often so busy worrying about what we “should” be doing to improve our finances, we forget to celebrate all the ways we are already doing well with our money.

Because our brains are story-telling machines, we often need to give our minds evidence to begin telling a better (and more accurate) story about our ability to manage money. If you often feel like you’re “bad with money”, use the checklist below to note how many statements are true for you right now. Disregard any that don’t apply to your situation:

  1. I have a checking account
  2. I have a savings account.
  3. I have financial goals.
  4. I pay my bills on time (always or almost always).
  5. I look at my accounts on a regular basis.
  6. I am aware that my emotions can impact my financial habits.
  7. I have some money put aside in savings for an emergency (even if it’s a very small amount).
  8. I signed up for my employer’s retirement plan (even if I didn’t understand it).
  9. I am careful to watch for scams or anything that seems too good to be true.
  10. I have checked my credit score.
  11. I file my taxes each year.
  12. If I have debt, I know how much and which companies I owe.
  13. I have a pretty good understanding of what I can afford.
  14. I make a conscious effort not to overdraft.
  15. I know what makes me feel really good/happy and I spend money on those things.
  16. I do my best to purchase what I know I will use and consume (not creating excess waste).
  17. If I have to borrow money from someone, I pay them back in a timely manner.
  18. I have the ability to pause and think it over before purchasing.
  19. I actively work to keep my consumer debt to a minimum (credit cards, car loans, mortgages, payday loans, etc.)
  20. When I receive a check, I make sure to deposit it before it expires.
  21. I know what a credit score is and what it is used for.
  22. I make payments toward my debt every month, even if it is just the minimum.
  23. When making plans, I consider the cost before saying “yes”.
  24. When applying for a new job, I consider the entire compensation and benefits and am willing to negotiate my salary.
  25. I know my family, friends, culture, faith, and experiences can influence the beliefs I have about money.
  26. I am willing to negotiate or research cheaper prices when appropriate.
  27. When I make a purchase that does not suit me, I am willing to seek out a refund or exchange for the item.
  28. I am willing to learn more about personal finance and apply what I learn.

How many of these statements are true for you? Are you doing better than you thought? It might be time to rewrite some narratives.