Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Meadowsweet Money Podcast.

I’m Mimi Cirbusova, a Certified Financial Education Instructor and shame-free money mentor.

I am passionate about helping you organize your financial life to be in alignment with what you value most, so that you can experience more joy on a daily basis.

I made this podcast for anyone that is tired of feeling queasy every time they look at their bank accounts, or worries that a budget will lead to a boring life. This podcast is for anyone that is tired of the typical financial “talking heads” that make you feel shame and guilt about the occasional latte, while ignoring the real economic circumstances of today’s society.

Join me as we travel up the money mountain, and explore how you can pay off debt, save for your money goals, and finally feel brave about money.

In each episode, we’ll combine the basic financial literacy they didn’t teach you in school with a deeper understanding of the mindsets, emotions, and values that guide our financial decisions – whether we know it or not.

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