If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m all about infusing more joy into our daily lives through intentional financial decisions.

When I realized that many of the items in my life weren’t actually bringing me joy, it was both a sobering moment and a freeing experience. When you ruthlessly cut out expenses that don’t matter to you, a whole new world of possibility opens.

Here are 5 things I stopped buying in order to live a more joyful life:

  1. Uncomfortable shoes. Y’all, I love a good, sexy heel. But I love my feet and knees more. I’m 5’8” (5’9”, depending on who is measuring), and I wear a size 10 shoe. I realized that heels that are only good to sit in have no place in my life. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect, vintage-looking and comfortable black boot, but that’s a story for another day.
  2. Physical books. Now don’t get me wrong – I love books. And when I have kiddos, there will be physical books all throughout the house. But for my life right now, physical books aren’t worth it. We don’t have much space in our apartment for bookshelves. The only time I really have to read books is before bed, and my husband is pretty much dead to the world the moment we turn off the lights. If I read a book, it’s going to be on my phone in bed. And that’s okay.
  3. Craft supplies I don’t have a plan for. I absolutely LOVE crafting and making things with my own two hands. Before I started my debt freedom journey, I’d buy scrapbook paper in every color imaginable (I don’t even scrapbook), miscellaneous bits and bobs from the clearance section and more rolls of tape than a small army could ever need to wrap gifts at the holidays. Now I am more purposeful in how I spend at the craft store.
  4. Stuff from the dollar spot at Target. Nothing I have ever purchased in this section was planned in my budget. Once I realized it was just a strategy to get you to make lots of small impulse purchases, I bypass it every time. And I simply don’t miss it.
  5. Lipstick and lip balm. I have plenty. I don’t need any more lip products. Besides, there’s really only one color I wear on a regular basis.

If it is not bringing you joy, why bring it into your life? Take a look around and ask, what could I do without and definitely not miss?